My Tangerine Machine has been leaking oil, why is that and how can I stop it?

On the tangerine, we have used open needle bearings. These have a number of advantages but also have some small disadvantages. Open bearings can withstand a greater force when applied under load compared to a similar sealed bearing for the same diameter. As the pressure and long term durability of the bearings was critical when designing a die machine this style bearing was selected. Open bearings do not have a seal between the inner and outer races. This is the downside to this style bearing. This allows a small amount of oil to work its way out of the bearing housing under use.'  

To ensure that our machines run as smooth as possible we put a lot of oil on the inside to help everything run off of each other effortlessly.

If you get some kitchen towels and just wipe it through where your plates go, what can also help is to sandwich the kitchen towel between two plates and run it through a few times, eventually, it should clean up any excess oils.

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