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What is Brexit?

The UK withdrew from the European Union on the 31st December 2020. As a result, new rules and regulations came into place affecting the shipment of goods made from the UK to into the European Union. There are no changes to the rules on exports made from the UK to all other non-EU countries.


Shipments to the EU

Shipments made to the EU from the UK are now undergoing customs clearance checks. There are different charges that may be incurred depending on the value of the goods purchased.


Interim period from 1st Jan 2021 until 30th June 2021.

Orders under €22: No Duty payable. VAT will be waived until the 1st July 2021.

Orders €22-€150 (£135): No duty will be charged; however, VAT (sales tax) may be charged at your individual countries rate.

Orders over €150 (£135): Duty and VAT may be charged on your order.

If there are additional charges to be paid for your order, you may be contacted by a courier who will require payment of the appropriate duties, taxes, and any admin fees, prior to the delivery of your goods.

To help offset some of the additional charges you may be facing, Tonic Studios have implemented two new temporary discount codes:

TCKEU20 - This is available for Tonic Craft Kit subscribers and will provide you with 30% off your order (to include your 10% TCK discount)

EU20 - This is available for all EU customers and will provide you with 20% off your order.

These codes will work for the duration of the interim period OR until we find a better-automated solution. We hope these measures will help reduce the cost of your order so that any extra costs incurred will be evened out. We realise that having to pay fees as a package reaches you is not ideal, but we hope that these measures will alleviate the issues you may be facing in the short term. If we can implement a more streamlined solution for you, we will do so and inform you in due course.


After the interim period:

In July 2021, the European Union are planning to launch the 'Import One Stop Shop' system, known as IOSS. This will enable Tonic Studios to register in Europe and pre-pay the sales tax due on your order, so that you may once again enjoy a seamless purchasing experience. Once this is in operation for any order you place, we will handle the taxes due and the package will be delivered to you, requiring no additional fees. The shopping experience will be the same as you had enjoyed prior to Brexit. The only issue you may face in this scenario, is where your purchase made is over £150, you will be required to pay the duties on the goods. These may be between 1 and 6% of the order value, depending on the type of goods purchased.


Please email us on if you have any questions regarding orders placed prior to this change and are experiencing customs clearance issues.

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