Delay in kit 31 - Full informaiton

Dear Crafters,

You may have received an email today explaining the expected delays to the Tonic Craft Kit 31. As always, we want to explain in detail the reasons for the delay and importantly, how we can make it right.

As you may have read in the news, the ongoing issues in China have continued and have lead to precautionary measures being taken in the region.

These have impacted the supply of products all over the globe, and this week we received updates on expected timelines for things to return to normal.

In the global economy, the supply of raw materials, finished products and transportation are all interconnected; any delay in the supply chain can have knock-on effects. While we try to have buffers in place for potential issues that may arise, global events such as these are challenging to plan for.

Outside Tonic Studios, suppliers and brands globally will be catching up with the effects of these delays, and lead to the rescheduling of product launches. As the kit has a fixed launch schedule, it becomes problematic and requires clear communication with our valued customers, so they know what to expect, and when these issues are likely to be resolved.

We have worked with partners all over the world for the last 22 years, and while supply issues are important for us to tackle, we must also protect the safety of those we work with, many of whom have children we have seen grow up, celebrated birthdays with, and provided support in difficult times, just as they have supported us.

We plan our releases months ahead of their intended launch, but due to the expected delays, the die set component which you all look forward to is not available. We have discussed various options internally, but as we move closer to the 1st March shipment date of Kit 31, we have to make a decision.

We also know that these timelines we have received from our partners are subject to change as the situation develops. So we don't want to give an update that we may have to change in the future, we know our crafters understand things happen, but deserve transparency on the situation so they can make an informed decision.

With this in mind and to allow our partners time to make the quality of the product we have spent the last 20 years perfecting, we have decided to delay the release of kit 31. We will be now shipping Tonic Craft Kit 31 on 1st May. We understand a two-month delay, is a long time to wait, but as we are not 100% confident, it will be ready for 1st April we have decided to push it back further. This decision was tough for the team, but we feel it's the right one to make.

So that's the bad news...
But at Tonic Studios, we always strive to take ownership of the commitment made to you and show our gratitude for your support. For many months (probably years), our crafters may have seen a little addition to videos and in-person worn by some of the staff and crafters that demonstrate for us. The famous Tonic Apron. A high quality and totally orange essential for any Tonicahollic.
We planned to release these in May as an item on our store that crafters could purchase. However, with the situation as it is, the team decided this will added as a free gift to Kit 31 to thank you for your patience and support. So those customers who are willing to wait (details below on the options for you) will receive the Tonic Apron with kit 31.

So to answer some questions, we know you will be asking:

I'm a Subscriber – What happens to my payment?
If you are a current subscriber and your payment was due at the end of Feb for Kit 31, we will be automatically pushing the date back to the last day of April. We will take no payment until then, you can still cancel any time, and your kit is reserved.

When will you be releasing Kit 32?
Tonic Craft Kit 32 will be presented and available for purchase on 6th May for Shipment on the 1st June.

I purchased a one-off in February, what about my payment?
If you purchased the kit as a one-off, then your order is secured until kit 31 release on the 1st May. We understand not everyone will be willing to wait, so if you wish to receive a refund, please email (the UK and non-USA customers) or (USA) and give us your order number. We will promptly issue a full refund and cancel the order and if you wish to purchase nearer the time you are welcome if we have any stock left.

I purchased a subscription in February, what about my payment?
If you purchased a new subscription this month, your order is secured until Tonic Craft Kit 31's dispatch on the 1st May. We understand not everyone will be willing to wait, so if you wish to receive a refund, please email (the UK and non-USA customers) or (USA) with your order number. We will then swiftly issue a full refund and cancel your order. If you wish to purchase nearer the dispatch date, you are welcome if we have stock left. If you decide to keep your subscription, no other payment will be taken until the last day of May for the following kit 32,

I haven't purchased Kit 31 but really like the apron, is it still available?
We expect there will be some crafters who will want to purchase either now to secure the kit or nearer the time of dispatch. These orders will still be taken, but on all the pages for purchase, the date of shipment will be cleared marked, so there is no confusion.

What do I do with no craft kit for two months?
We know, you need your craft fix! But don't worry, we have lots of creativity and other products available in our March Madness Event and our anniversary celebrations during April. When the kit returns, it will have a fresh look and exciting new features coming through the year for you to enjoy. We have a new Craft Room section of the website recently launched too, with details of what's on and what's new to keep you entertained.

We apologise and strive to navigate through this delay as smoothly as possible, returning with an even better Tonic Craft Kit. Still, as always, this is only possible because of the support of our amazing crafters, so can I give a huge thank you from myself and all the Tonic Team.

Best wishes
Crafty Simon



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